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About Us: Introduction

About Us

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  • Wilh. Loesch is a Multinational company with Owned offices/ Associates/ Partners in all the major economies of the world.
  • Focused on Dismantling / Relocation of Old Factories + Project logistics. We try to achieve technical and cost effective solution for our clients.
  • Owned trucking equipment and custom license for achieving better efficiency.
  • Vast experience in handing of cargo for various industries. From hydro power plant equipment to textile plant machinery.
  • Experience in handling large projects. Wilh. Loesch has handled logistics for 1200 MW Hydro power plant in Sikkim ( India ) to dismantling of various large PVC, Melamine plants on worldwide basis.
  • See video. Dismantling / Project services Project Forwarding / Inland Haulage
  • Dedicated team of professional to understand customer need.
  • See our corporate video